If you’ve been working online as a coach for a couple of years now, then you know that things change very quickly online. Marketing methods that used to work well, might not work at all anymore or lead to insignificant results. Which might leave you …


Frustrated …

Overwhelmed …

& Stressed …


Basically very annoyed and in deep need of a solution.


In an effort to find a solution, you might sign up for a course, a coaching program or two or a couple. But they might not have worked for you. Sometimes you get awesome strategies that work on paper but not when you try to apply it. Other times, the strategies might be solid but you’re stuck with the implementation, either because you’re trying to do it yourself or can’t find the right people who would.


In all honesty, a lot of the big coaching programs out there are outdated. They are still being sold because the one selling them is a well-known coach with a huge following. But take a closer look, are the enrolled students getting results from the program. Mostly not …


I’ve had a couple of conversations with coaches who just don’t want to sign up for another coaching program because they’ve been burnt and they want results, not information.


This is a recent conversation that I had with a coach


Personally, I’ve been burnt, too. Over the last 2 years, I’ve signed up for more than 5 coaching programs, spending thousands of dollars but have I seen results …

To be fair, I did make some changes here and there, I made some progress, but I didn’t get the results I signed up for and the coach said they’d help me achieve. Only one program turned out to be a winner.


You might ask me, why have I kept signing up for coaching programs if I didn’t get results.


Because I believe in coaches and coaching programs. I just didn’t find the right coaching program for me and once I did, the results were epic.


Mind you, I’m a tech geek that can get stuff done. So the lack of results in the other coaching programs was not because of lack of implementation or effort …


Nope, I did my very best and then some more. The strategies just didn’t work for me and with another program, the strategies weren’t good enough.


But once I found the right coach with the right strategies, my team and I implemented everything and started seeing the results I wanted.


So how does that help you ….


If you’ve been burnt by coaching programs before or want to work with someone to actually get results not just promises, then I tell you this …


I hear you …

I get where you’re coming from …

And I can help you …


I’m the founder of Breakthrough Legend, a digital marketing and consulting agency where we help coaches generate a constant stream of clients to their coaching programs through done for you services.


Building, launching and growing online courses and programs is our specialty.


We apply proven strategies & systems and we get results.


And I want to partner with you, work side by side, to build & scale a successful coaching business.


I want to help you with putting together the best strategies for your business.


And my team will take care of the implementation.


I want to offer you the best of both worlds. Strategies and systems that work AND an awesome team that get it done the right way.


I’ll be invested in your success and work together based on results. Which means a payment model that involves an initial investment then a % of sales as we generate more clients and revenue.


We’re in this together and we can get the results and the success that you so desire.


It’s time to stop playing small and go BIG and grow your business & INCOME so you can have the life that you desire …


If that is what you want and you’d like to learn more then let’s have a breakthrough call.

This call is 100% complementary and for us to connect.


For me to take a deep dive at your business and help you build your coaching business and map out an action plan to bring it to life.

There’s no BS

There’s no pressure to buy from me or anything, I hate those calls just as much as you and it’s just not how I roll.


I just want to help you reach your goals.


Go ahead and schedule the call here: https://breakthroughlegend.com/breakthrough


Can’t wait to connect with you, {{to.fname}}.


PS … If you can’t find a good time for you, let me know and we’ll figure out a good time together.

PPS … If you’re not ready for a call and want to learn about a proven system that helps you build a 7-figure business then join my upcoming masterclass https://breakthroughlegend.com/masterclass

To Your Success,