I know you’re busy (we all are)

You’re a dreamer
You’re ambitious
You’re driven and fearless.

And you’re also …

Frustrated …
Overwhelmed …
& Stressed …

Not getting the results that you desire in your business might be driving you crazy …

You might have tried Facebook ads to drive traffic to your coaching programs

Which may have or have not worked well for you.

Its okay, its not your fault.

Facebook ads are getting harder and harder to work with.

Don’t get me wrong, they are very dependable and controllable.

Once its working well and converting quality clients, the more money you put in it, the more clients do get.

But let’s look at that realistically, what do you need to do to ACTUALLY make it WORK?

You need a budget, a consistent budget, to keep testing, tweaking and improving …

And it’s getting harder and harder for anyone to work with Facebook ads. If you’re not techie or savvy enough, then you might need to work with a Facebook ads specialist. Which is an added cost.

A lot of the big coaches promote Facebook ads to drive traffic, for a very good reason, once its working, the sky’s the limit and you’re all set for success.

But what if Facebook ads is not an option for you.

There are many reasons why it might not be an option …

You tried it and it was working but you don’t want to keep doing it any more.

I was talking with a coach recently who mentioned that the quality of the leads are so low which means she needs more people to sign up to get the number of enrolled clients she wants. AND the cost per lead is getting higher and higher so it’s not feasible for her to continue using Facebook ads anymore.

Another coach said that her Facebook ads keep getting rejected because her content contain some strong words that Facebook doesn’t accept.

And another coach, just said this:


So what are the alternatives, are you stuck with Facebook ads?


Nope …


I’ve been asked this question many times before and I answer this question in this Facebook live. I cover other options like Publicity, Referral Partners, LinkedIn prospecting, attending live events, SEO and there are many more …


Click the image below to watch the video.


The bottom line is, you are not stuck with Facebook ads.


When working with my clients, Facebook ads are not an option right from the start, especially if we’re tweaking and improving the funnel to make sure its converting well.


In that case we start by launching an online event whether it’s a giveaway, challenge, summit or another kind of online event.


That helps establish their credibility, grow their list and build relationship that might turn to Joint ventures or referral partners.


Next we work on getting their publicity up and running, which means, showing up as an expert on other people’s platforms whether its a podcast interview, live shows, guest posting, article contribution in magazines, etc.


This is an awesome source of traffic as its evergreen and works very nice in getting traffic to a funnel.


Then one by one we work on installing other traffic generation strategies like referral partners, linkedin prospecting, SEO, etc.


Once all together are working well and converting high quality leads, Facebook ads is used for retargeting and getting an even higher conversion rate.


So you see now, Facebook ads is not your only option.


You can get epic results without it …

And I can help you …


I want to offer you the best of both worlds. Strategies and systems that work AND an awesome team that get it done the right way.


If we work together, I’ll be invested in your success and work together based on results. Which means a payment model that involves an initial investment then a % of sales as we generate more clients and revenue.


We’re in this together and we can get the results and the success that you so desire.


It’s time to stop playing small and go BIG and grow your business & INCOME so you can have the life that you desire …


If that is what you want and you’d like to learn more then let’s have a breakthrough call.

This call is 100% complementary and for us to connect.


For me to take a deep dive at your business and help you build your coaching business and map out an action plan to bring it to life.

There’s no BS

There’s no pressure to buy from me or anything, I hate those calls just as much as you and it’s just not how I roll.


I just want to help you reach your goals.


Go ahead and schedule the call here: https://breakthroughlegend.com/breakthrough


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