There are 2 ways we can work together:

Working with you PROJECT BASED

 I can help you with any of the following techie projects and much more …

Website Building/Makeover

Membership Site Building/Makeover

Sales & Landing Pages Setup

Online Events Tech Setup

Automated Funnels & Sequences

3-Part Video Series

Becoming Your …


First, you share your vision, goals and what you want to achieve. Second, I put together the plan with all the different projects and tasks that will make it a reality. Third, we start working on implementing the plan and I manage the team, making sure that everything is going smoothly to ensure that we reach the results that we want. Finally, I gather all the metrics so we know what worked well and what didn’t so we can keep improving our performance and results. 

In addition to managing projects, I’m here to manage your business for you, including the day-to-day management of operations, team members and metrics. So basically everything to free you up as the business owner so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business.

You should only be focusing on the business building activities like marketing, sales, working with clients, product development, strategic alliances and big picture business planning – all of which are essential to the growth of your business. (At some point, delegate marketing and sales as well)

You need to be spending your time on these activities – everything else I can take care of. Here is how I’ll support your business:

  • Keeping everything organized and running well  along with systems & structures so we can build on it and improve over time.
  • Managing projects, team and operations.
  • Keeping track of all the metrics.
  • Managing your different revenue streams.
  • Managing your website and newsletter.
  • Managing all marketing implementation and launches.
  • Managing affiliate programs and JV partnerships.
  • Managing speaking engagements and publicity.
  • Taking care of anything that needs managing to free up your time.

we are totally a perfect fit if…

You’re the awesome founder of an online education business offering online courses, mentor programs, membership programs, digital products and others.

However you get stressed and overwhelmed by the tech stuff & all the backend operations, management and implementation work and you just want someone else to handle it so you can focus on your zone of genious. 

Why work with me?

If you’re not entirely convinced, then let me tell you what sets me apart from others:

I have 10+ years of experience working with online education businesses, specifically coaches of all kinds: Business coaches, Health coaches, Sexuality Coaches, Life Coaches, Parenting Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Spirituality Coaches, etc.

My 10+ years of experience in education based businesses can help grow other education businesses, too.

I’ve been working with coaches as a Techie Virtual Assistant since 2012. Then I became a certified Online Business Manager in 2015.

My strength comes from being super techie and always looking to automate any process so that it runs smoothly with minimal margin for mistakes. I look first at building the right infrastructure for the business so that the business can grow without falling apart.

I’m an expert at setting up, launching, managing and growing online courses and programs, membership sites, online summits, virtual events, speaking events and other revenue streams.

I’m also a certified Infusionsoft Partner.

So In short, I’ll provide you with all the support you need to grow your business legacy.

But don’t take my word for it. Explore the projects I created with my awesome clients:

Kerri Kannan, Consciousness Coach


Kerri Kannan teaches conscious people how to claim their own authority and command consciousness to manifest miracles and change their lives.

Kerri was working on her business for years trying to take care of everything needed to make it a success but she reached burn out and just couldn’t keep it up anymore.

So she decided to give up her coaching business temporary and get a job instead. Although, she was relieved that she wasn’t trying so hard to run a business anymore, she wasn’t fulfilled as she wasn’t doing her soul work.

Kerri was longing to go back to coaching and doing her soul work again but didn’t want to do any of the business implementation and management work and she kept praying for the right person to handle the business side so she can be free to coach to her heart’s content.

That is where I came in …

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When I started working with Kerri, I sent her a long questionnaire to help me understand everything I need to know about her unique method and gift, her coaching and programs.

From that information, we created her ideal client avatar and we designed together a 12 week group coaching program, a monthly membership subscription program and packaging her private coaching instead of offering it one at a time.

After that we went out to validate her group coaching program and got her first Beta group. The feedback we got was great. We enrolled the first Beta group and Kerri started creating the modules weekly.

(The following  projects are explained below in detail)

Then I created the brand for Divine Within along with the membership site.

Afterwards, we worked on an online summit to position Kerri as an expert and build relationships with other coaches.

Right after the summit we wanted to launch her group coaching so we created a 3-part video series that leads to a masterclass then asks for a call.

Now, I’m working with Kerri on creating her website and preparing to launch another online summit.

Platforms Used:

  • All of Kerri’s projects are setup on WordPress using Divi theme.
  • The membership plugin used is Accessally.
  • The email marketing platform is Active Campaign.
  • All Designs are created using Photoshop.


Divine Within Brand & Optin Page


The Challenge

Before working with me, Kerri used to have a website but it was very old with too little information. It didn’t really provide any value. She also didn’t have a brand or a logo as she used her image as a logo.

Kerri needed a logo, branding colors and fonts to use on her website and on all of her social media, etc.

The Solution

We discussed the feel and look we wanted for Kerri’s brand. We wanted strong colors to reflect Kerri coaching energy but we also wanted soft fonts and logo to reflect the nature of Kerri’s work.

The final logo is white at its center to reflect that the person should look within themselves to discover the Divine and by claiming their own power the ripple effect spreads across their lives. (View the logo below)

After creating the logo and branding we created a basic optin page on her website. I created all the graphics and designs for the optin page and for all of Kerri’s Projects. Click Here to Visit the Website.

Platforms Used:

  • Website Optin is setup on WordPress using Divi theme.
  • The email marketing platform is Active Campaign.
  • All Designs are created using Photoshop.

Claim Your Divine Authority Group Program


Awakened Life Expo 2 & 3


Spiritual Laws & Lies [Revealed]


Manifesting Miracles Membership Program


Systems, Structures & Automations

Platforms Used:

  • The project management platform is
  • Processes, systems, information, how to’s, tracking, collaborative files and all important documents are stored in Google drive.
  • Bigger files that need bigger space are stored in Dropbox.
  • The email marketing platform is Active Campaign where we have all the automations. 
  • All Designs are created using Photoshop.

Shelley Hutchinson, Client Attraction Coach


Client Nectar Website


Client Nectar Members Site


Client Nectar Funnels


Charity Bundle


Systems, Structures & Automations

I’ve referred many of my clients to Hosna to have their brochure and membership sites made by her with great success.

Hosna is exceptional. I’ve been blessed to have had her looking after my website and graphic design jobs since May 2016.

She is incredibly reliable and I’ve referred many of my clients to her to have their brochure and membership sites made by her with great success. She has a wide range of technical skills and significant knowledge of a variety of apps, she approaches tasks intelligently and maintains high standards with her work – all of which I have found extremely beneficial.

I have no doubt that Hosna will be extremely valuable to her clients and wish Hosna every success.

Shelley Hutchinson

Audra Baker, Sex, Health & Relationship Coach

Audra Baker’s Website


Audra Baker Members Site


Audra Baker Challenges & Event


Audra Baker Optin & Sales Pages


End Self-Sabotaging Behavior


Here is a funnel that was created for Audra Baker:

Of course there are email sequences that go out when they optin, and if they didn’t schedule a call.

Kavita Rani Arora, Intuitive Business Coach


Hosna often comes up with ideas to improve the business and do things better. She also comes up with great launch ideas.

I wanted my site to leverage previous graphic design and to build on it. I wanted it to look beautiful, inviting and professional. Hosna made all of that happen and more. The site looks amazing and better than I ever expected.

Hosna had lots of creative ideas about how to make everything I wanted to have happen actually happen. She added graphic design elements that matched and enhanced the design and brand.

Hosna went above and beyond what anyone else would have done to get what I needed done by the date I needed it. She did a great job of balancing her needs with the needs of the project and she exceeded my expectations in many ways.

Hosna does a great job of navigating my strong personality and the stress of deadlines. She is always calm, unruffled and kind, no matter what is going on and no matter how stressful things get.

Hosna is very organized and never complains. She takes constructive criticism really well and without defensiveness, and integrates the feedback the first time I say it.

Hosna often comes up with ideas to improve the business and do things better. She also comes up with great launch ideas. She really care about what I am doing and seeks to help me figure out how to best bring the message to the world.

Hosna is very responsive, available and responsible. She always meet deadlines which is super important! She is uber responsible and on top of things.

And, on top of all that, Hosna is a pleasure to work with. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she always perseveres until she figures it out. She is the best help I have ever had in my business.

I would Very happily recommend Hosna!

Kavita Leela Arora

Epic Dream Academy Website


Epic Dream Academy Members Site


Daily Nirvana & Wealth Alchemy


Epic Dream Academy Online Summits


Carla Wainwright, Shakti Coach

Embracing Shakti Movement


Embracing Shakti Temple


Systems, Structures & Automations

Catarina Andrade, Business & Parenting Coach

Fire Within Journey


Catarina Andrade’s Members Site


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Want to see even more projects …

Here are some of my other projects for you to explore

From Idea To Cash Flow


She blows me away each and every time!

I consider Hosna a valuable asset to me and my business. I feel safe in the knowledge that I can leave Hosna to her own devices and she will produce high quality work. She blows me away each and every time!

I’ve known Hosna for years and she has been instrumental in helping formulate my ideas and bring them to life. Recently I hired Hosna to design my opt in pages for a new free offer and I couldn’t have been happier with the design, look and feel. She totally encapsulated exactly what I was looking for. 

Hosna thinks outside the box and provides additional suggestions and tips to the completion of a task. Hosna​ ​doesn’t just do what I say, but looks for ways to complete the task easier and quicker than my suggestion –​ ​which is just priceless.

Hosna keeps the line of communication open and puts my mind at rest when I’m having a freak out or a meltdown. I highly recommend her.

Janet Kafadar

Mind Body Spirit Live


I really feel like Hosna listens to me and goes above and beyond to solve any problems that arise.

Working with Hosna makes my life 100xs easier! I will absolutely continue to partner with Hosna for all of my online management needs.

She is always available, even with the time difference, she completes assignments and makes changes immediately (i wonder when she sleeps!?)

It is such a relief having Hosna on my team, I know the tasks will get done like a pro. Not only that but I really feel like she listens to me and goes above and beyond to solve any problems that arise.

I happily recommend Hosna Shahin. She’s my favorite!

Jessica Ardeal

Belfrage Birth Academy


Journey Of Increase


Another part of her brilliance, is ‘seeing’ you, your brand, your style & hearing you.

Before I found Hosna, I was doing everything myself. I tried so many VA’ that always left me feeling, “I can do this better.”

Hosna came in with initiative and strategy. I was so impressed by her problem solving initiative. How quickly and brilliantly Hosna solved challenges proved to me, I could never have done that and neither could any of the other VAs I had worked with before.

Another part of her brilliance, is ‘seeing’ you, your brand and your style, hearing you, and creating a result that matches what you say you want.

I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend Hosna and her brilliance to anyone looking for a talented, smart and totally on it Online Business Manager!

Stephanie Trager

Flavors of Health


Hosna made my website simple, clear, easy to navigate and easy to purchase from. She understood my needs and wishes and built the website I wanted.

She communicated with me in a professional and friendly manner and delivered what she promised.

I’d work with her again and I recommend her!

Tania Pinto

Stress Weight Loss Solution


So what’s it going to be?

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Even more praise & testimonials

Hosna added value to the website by creating clear navigation, a clear layout and excellent check outs.

Hosna is very easy to work with. She has a warm, friendly and very efficient. She cares about her work and her clients. I wanted a membership site that offers a clear sales process. Hosna added value to the website by creating clear navigation, a clear layout and excellent check outs. She also spotted and fixed areas that I had overlooked. Hosna was reliable, easily contactable and managed expectations very well. The most delightful part of my experience with Hosna was how she managed to keep the project on target even though I didn’t have all my content ready or my vision complete. I wish more people worked like Hosna. She was incredibly professional, caring and reliable about my project. I would definitely like to work with her again.

JooLee Stock

My beautiful website is all due to Hosna's creative vision and ability to grab my ideas, my likes and the feeling I wanted to deliver to my tribe.

In our initial consult she listened, asked questions and offered great examples of what we could create. Her ability to stay persistent and to be patient with me as we worked together to come up with just the right look for every page is why I am proud to share my website today.

Andrea Sullenger

Hosna is professional, articulate, creative, understanding, bright, responsible … I could go on and on.

Working with Hosna has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. She is professional, articulate, creative, understanding, bright, responsible … I could go on and on. I can’t say enough positive things about Hosna.

VAs that I have dealt with in the past tended toward being reactionary. They could execute tasks, but in a robotic, reactive manner. With Hosna, she is able to anticipate deadlines, potential issues and what might happen down the line. She is proactive, not reactive, and that’s what I appreciate.

Reese Ben-Yaacov

Hosna has made my life much easier knowing that she’s handling tasks carefully and accurately.

It has been an extreme pleasure working with Hosna. She has always been completely professional. She works very efficiently and really knows her stuff. She’s made my life much easier knowing that she’s handling tasks carefully and accurately.

I recommend Hosna to all of my fellow entrepreneurs who need to put their minds at ease about technical tasks that are best handled by a tech expert while they focus on their own areas of genius.

Sabrina Marasovich

Hosna is also a great problem solver and graphic artist.

Hosna has a wide range of technical skills and experience in many online platforms. She is a forward thinker and proactive with lots of determination and willingness to learn more.

Hosna is also a great problem solver and graphic artist. I could always trust Hosna to work directly with my clients to get the job done accurately.

I  highly recommend Hosna to anyone who is looking for a wonderful technical Online Business Manager. She is a ROCK STAR!

Jeanette Ortega

 Hosna has been nothing but spectacular to work with.

She is extremely reliable, efficient, smart, understanding…I could go on and on. She brings the highest integrity and focus to the table, and nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

I give her my highest recommendation.

Cheryl Truesdale

Hosna has been an invaluable asset to our team.  

She has been reliable and professional, and is always quick to jump on tasks and make any necessary modifications required.

I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, as our clients have (and continue to be) impressed by her skills.

Natalie Szabo

I really enjoy our continuing working relationship. You’ve made me more successful allowing me to have more focus on the business.

Allison Kramer

Hosna is very responsible and trustworthy. She responses very quick and with high efficiency to any situation.

I highly recommend Hosna she was a great value for my business, and my life quality.

Sylvain Florant

We had a great experience with Hosna. She does a great job and is very pro-active. She works with a sense of urgency and if she doesn’t know something, she’s good at finding out the answer. She has a good work ethic and is trustworthy.

Highly recommend!

Bambo Jans

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  • I have an adorable toddler who loves animals so much that he runs around the house saying Baaa Baaa.
  • Although I lived almost my entire life in Egypt, I was born in Canada and planning to move there soon.
  • I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones but was very disappointed with the final episode 🙁
  • I’m a big anime fan that I started learning Japanese while I was in college.
  • Horror movies terrify me but I love Zombie movies 🙂

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