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The 6 phases to breakthrough 6-figures & beyond

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You’ll learn step by step…

  • How to avoid the top mistakes made by coaches that will save you time and money, so you can focus on the best strategies that will help you reach the $1M mark.
  • How a simple tweak in re-packaging and pricing your coaching program can add $500K to $1M to your income.
  • How to instantly get cash flow and sell your program.
  • How to deliver your coaching program in an elegant way to keep your clients engaged and enroll in your high ticket coaching program.
  • How to have a multiple 5-Figure launch even if you don’t have a list or following
  • How to get yourself out of constant launch mode and setup an automated funnel to get a constant stream of clients on autopilot.
  • How to scale your program and establish your authority as an expert.

PLUS we’ll look at the timeline and milestones to actually reach 6-Figures in 6-months.

Your Host

Hosna Shahin

Helping coaches breakthrough 6-Figures with their signature coaching program

I absolutely L.O.V.E. working with you Hosna…you’ve turned my brand into the beautiful professional vision I’ve always had but couldn’t get out of my head!


Audra Baker

Hosna came in with initiative and strategy. I was so impressed by her problem solving initiative. How quickly and brilliantly Hosna solved challenges proved to me, I could never have done that and neither could anyone I had worked with before. 

Stephanie Trager

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If we haven’t met before, let me introduce myself …

I’m Hosna Shahin

Founder of Breakthrough Legend

I’m a business coach and a certified online business manager. I fully support coaches with strategy and implementation to breakthrough 6-figures and beyond, build their legacy and transform millions of lives while enjoying life on their own terms.

In this masterclass, I’m sharing with you “The 6 Phases to Breakthrough 6-Figures” framework. Its the exact framwork I implement with my clients to help them breakthrough 6-figures in 6 months.

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