SIGN UP & REFER Coaches to Unlock the Gifts

& Get a Chance to Win $3000 Worth of INFUSIONSOFT

I’m So Glad You’re Here …

Hey, it’s Hosna Shahin here…

I want to offer you something different here, a chance to win $3000 worth of INFUSIONSOFT subscription.

INFUSIONSOFT is a powerful tool for all of your marketing activities and can power up your business to new levels.

The lucky coach who signs up and refers the most people to the giveaway will win the $3000 worth of INFUSIONSOFT .

If you already have INFUSIONSOFT and you win, Awesome that’s $3000 off your future subscriptions.

If you’ve been wanting to sign up for Infusionsoft but didn’t then if you win, that can boost your business.

What if you don’t really want to have Infusionsoft or you see that there is a small chance to win.

I hear you …

That’s why when you sign up and refer 5 coaches, you’ll unlock some awesome gifts.

We’re talking transformational business resources that will put your coaching business into high gear.

My intent here is simple:


The Legendary Infusionsoft Giveaway includes a very special collection of gifts—resources, digital programs and super-effective tools that typically require a significant financial investment. But this big, awesome giveaway allows you access to all of that good stuff (valued at thousands of dollars!) for FREE.

The year is coming to an end but you can still make a big impact on your coaching business, now is the perfect time to recommit to making big things happen in your life and your business.

I invite you to say “yes” to the incredible possibilities that lie ahead and set yourself up for success without limits.

A life-changing opportunity awaits!

So enough talk – let’s get grow your coaching business with those gifts, shall we? ?


And the best part is…
You get it all FREE (yep, you read that right)

What are you waiting for? SIGN UP & REFER Coaches to Unlock the Gifts

& Get a Chance to Win $3000 Worth of INFUSIONSOFT

Here Are The Awesome Contributors


Just SIGN UP & REFER Coaches to Unlock the Gifts

& Get a Chance to Win $3000 Worth of INFUSIONSOFT

How Does It Work?

This is NOT a giveaway where you’ll get dozens of info-products, most of which you’ll probably never listen to. In fact, though we wholeheartedly believe in investing in education to grow yourself and your business, this event is not about education at all. It’s about DOING things FOR YOU!
No sales offers before you can even claim your gifts. In fact, no sales offers during the entire event! Just the gifts you select. No sleazy, spammy contributors. We’re all well-respected, successful business owners who care about supporting you.
There’s no gimmick here. No catch. What you’ll find are good, honest people who enjoy being of service to you with real gifts of real DONE-FOR-YOU products and services that can make running your business easier—and more profitable!

Gifts galore from best-selling authors, world-renowned experts and six- and seven-figure business owners—products and services to help you live vibrantly, realize your fullest potential, discover your passion and inspire everyday miracles. (No sales offers, no sleazy scams, no catches!)
Resources on how to foster more creativity and energy, overcome obstacles, boost your health and happiness, attract more love into your life and earn more money in an authentic, true-to-you way.
Online courses, digital books, tools, templates—and so much more—that will deliver the keys to true fulfillment in love, life and business! With this abundance of gifts, you can become the woman you were born to be.

We have loads of awesome gifts waiting for you, from business building strategies through processes you can use with clients, checklists, scripts, exercises, how tos and more. All of them are available immediately.

How many gifts can I sign up for? You can sign up for as many of the gifts as you want. We recommend you grab all of them – although each gift has its own sign-up button so you get to choose!

Can I share this with others? Absolutely. The more the merrier!

Know that you won’t get any sales offers from anyone during the event. While you are signing up for their newsletter, we have chosen our partners carefully. We’re introducing you to coaching professionals who are committed to provide value and facilitate your success.

Plus we have a SPECIAL Bonus. At the end of the Giveaway, one lucky person will win the online coaching course, “Expanding Emotional Intelligence” ($1150 value) from Erickson Coaching International!

SIGN UP & REFER Coaches to Unlock the Gifts

& Get a Chance to Win $3000 Worth of INFUSIONSOFT

If we haven’t met before, let me introduce myself …

Hosna Shahin

Founder of Breakthrough Legend

I’m the founder of Breakthrough Legend, a digital marketing and consulting agency where we help coaches generate a constant stream of clients to their coaching programs through done 4 you services.

Building, launching and growing online courses and programs is our specialty.

We partner with coaches, working side by side, to build & scale a successful coaching business.

We offer coaches the best of both worlds. Proven strategies and systems that get results AND an awesome team that get it done the right way.


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