I’ve been working online as a Techie Virtual Assistant since 2011. I’ve been working with coaches and taking care of all the tech stuff related to WordPress, marketing, automation and graphic design.

I decided that I want to help coaches on a higher level and manage all the aspects of their online business so that I can give them some peace of mind and they’ll be free to concentrate on doing what they love, help more people and create new programs and offers.

That’s when I decided that getting my Online Business Manager Certificate was the best next step so I can increase my skills in managing a coaching business from A to Z.


Why I love working as an OBM: I like taking care of the business part of a coaching business and free the coach from worrying about all the different pieces that go into building a successful coaching business.

I like the partnership aspect of being an OBM where I take care of the business while the coach takes care of the clients and creating new programs.


My Strengths and Areas of Specialty: My strength comes from always looking to automate any process so that it runs smoothly with minimal margin for mistakes. I look first at building the right infrastructure for the coaching business so that the business can grow without falling apart.

I love managing membership sites, telesummits, speaking events and other revenue streams.


My favorite kind of client to work with is…: I love working with coaches who moved beyond just offering one on one sessions and started to leverage their time by offering group coaching programs, home study programs, info-products and are working on other revenue streams. They are at the point where things are starting to feel overwhelming and they don’t have the time to work on new programs any more.

I’d love to step in at that point, take over managing all the ongoing revenue streams and provide them with the support they need to create new ones and offer quality coaching to their VIP clients without worrying about their business.


My Business Goals: Working with whole-hearted coaches and helping them take their coaching business to the next level.